Konrad `ktoso` Malawski

Current open-source work:

  • Maintaining Apple's Server side focused observability API libraries, such as:
  • Contributed to Swift's Concurrency runtime, mostly around the task and structured concurrency runtime. Involved in the design of the actor runtime and co-author of a number of language evolution proposals.

Prior open-source work:

Past Work:

  • Akka Team @ Lightbend (Typesafe)
  • Software Engineer @ eBay
  • ...

Community work:

  • GeeCON – core team member, co-responsible for speakers, ~1,200 people conference all around the JVM and not only in Poland (and Czech Republic)
  • Founded and/or led:
  • SCKRK (l, active), ScalaKraków (cf, active), PolishJUG (l), Lambda Lounge Kraków (f, dorm.), GDGKraków (cf, active, handed-over leadership)

Notable talks:


My motto "Life is Study!" is inspired by the first episode of the OVA series "Golden Boy", in which the protagonist learns programming against all odds: